Skate Boy Classic

Skate Boy Classic from Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen on Vimeo.

The Skate Boy classic is an interactive sound installation, made by Christian Gjelstrup and Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen, that provides Gameboy-generated auditory feedback to skaters as they skate through the ramp. The installation is using only a classic Gameboy (DMG) to generate the sound. To interface the Gameboy, they used LSDj in keyboard mode. The triggering mechanism in first version was realized with homemade triggers made out of cardboard and aluminum foil. In the second revision they repurposed an infraread burglar alarm sensor to trigger the sound when the unsuspecting (?) skater swooshed by.
The project is apparently part of their education on Medialogy at Aalborg University.

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 Hardware, News

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