BGB 1.3 released

BGB 1.3

Note: This is an old post and many new versions of BGB have been released since. However, the download link below will bring you to the download section on BGB’s website where you can always find the latest version of BGB.

After a couple of months of development, BGB 1.3 was released. The two main features of this release are improved accuracy and graphics acceleration on Windows Vista and above. BGB 1.3 closely matches the real VRAM access timing behavior with sub-instruction precision. Beware (the author of BGB) now believes that BGB emulates the LCD timing of real hardware perfectly or nearly perfectly. (Here’s a list of specific things that are emulated accurately) 1.3 also supports Direct3D and OpenGL graphics output, which enables accelerated graphics output on Windows Vista and 7.

There’s also a metric shit ton of small improvements and bug fixes in various areas of the emulator and debugger. (As opposed to a long shit ton, a short shit ton, a shit ton shortweight, a shit ton longweight, or a deadweight shit ton of fixes.)
Selected improvements:

  • Memory access breakpoints were broken.
  • A bug where the currently focused panel in the debugger would lose focus when you used the arrow keys, was fixed.
  • The currently active panel is now highlighted with a gray bar on the left side.
  • Register flag checkboxes in the debugger register panel can be switched to change the current state of that flag.
  • GBC boot ROM support.
  • RTC (real time clock) saving is now compatible with VisualBoyAdvance.

(And more…)


Monday, February 7th, 2011 Emulators, News

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  1. A polite little message to Beware and a few of others in this GB dev “community”: I’m torn between laughing and being afflicted by psychosis and lack of social intelligence affecting such young people.

    Fact: It is not because you have little-spread knowledge of a pretty simple device, and that you wrote an emulator for it, that you can allow yourself to be a pure asshole to everyone not proving he can do better.

    I’m sure this is hiding mental fragility, or some protection of some sort (act as a though guy to put some distance between other people, in order to give them less chances of discovering you’re actually not worth more any other guy).
    But as -I- don’t have the pretention to be a psychologist, I’ll stop the hypothesis here.

    I’d willingly write “LIFE” with a permanent marker on my hand and give you a huge slap in the face. Physically. We can meet if you are curious.

    Have a nice day :)

    -A guy who achieved way more than a GB emulator and who doesn’t piss on everyone for that matter.

  2. zft_5 on October 30th, 2014
  3. Best emulator ever!

    How about mac os version?

  4. Farnheim on October 17th, 2016

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