DMG Schematics

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See also SGB Schematic.

CPU Board


This schematic includes:

  • LR35902, The main CPU (Commonly known as GB-Z80; with pinout)
  • LH5264, 8192 byte work RAM (With pinout)
  • LH5264, 8192 byte video RAM (With pinout)
  • External Link Port (With pinout)
  • Game Cartridge Socket (With pinout)
  • Joypad Matrix (D-pad: Left, right, up, down. Buttons: B, A, Start, Select)
  • Audio Amplifier
  • Headphone Jack Daughter Board



This schematic includes:

  • LH5028/LH5077 (Early screen model, 23040 pixels; with pinout)
  • S890623 (Late screen model, 25600 pixels; with pinout)
  • IR3E02 (With pinout)

Switching Power Supply


This schematic includes:

  • DC Converter Daughter Board
    • Input: +6 V (Battery or mains)
    • Output: +5 V (Logic) and -19 V (LCD)
  • Example EPROM Game
  • Battery Pack/Charger Unit
  • AC Adapter


Source: (c) Jeff Frohwein