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RGBDS (RedneX Game Boy Development System) aka ASMotor is a package consisting of the assembler xAsm, the linker xLink and the ROM image validation tool RGBFix.


Carsten Sørensen's version (author of RGBDS):


Otaku No Zoku's fork with a few additional fixes and features:


Currently maintained version (it works on Windows and UNIX systems):



(Please add any bugs you might encounter to the list below)

  • Trying to pass a string literal that contains an escape sequence to a macro results in an "Unterminated string" error.
  • The \" (double quote) escape sequence can only be used in pairs.
  • xLink's "link file" parser cannot handle spaces.
  • Subtracting a numeric constant from a data structure symbol (rb, rw, ...) produces a parse error. It's still possible, however, to add a negative number.
  • Line numbers are often off by one (actual line numbers are one less than reported).
  • RGBAsm crashes under unknown circumstances‐ often when working with macros. Sometimes, this can be fixed temporarily by altering the length of the offending source file. Other times, not using the '-q' command-line option works.