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Super Gameboy Schematic


This schematic includes:

  • SGB CPU (With pinout)
  • LH52A64N, 8192 byte work RAM (With pinout)
  • LH52A64N, 8192 byte video RAM (With pinout)
  • TC53200 and F411A (Probably the ROM chip for the snes software and a lockout chip, respectively)
  • ICD2-R the bridge between the SGB CPU and the SNES. Handles video and key presses. More info wanted.

Hardware Level Backwards Compatibility

  • The SuperGB main chip has the necessary pins for serial communication. Thus it is possible to add a link port to a Super Gameboy. Super Gameboy 2 was shipped with a link port.
  • It is not known whether the Vin pin of the SGB CPU works as intended.
  • What does the PX pin do? (Pin 53 of the CPU)


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