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The copy of Pan Docs hosted on this wiki is considered deprecated.

Pan Docs is now officially hosted on as a living document. Please go to to read Pan Docs or to to contribute.

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  • CPU - 8-bit Sharp LR25902 (similar to the Z80 processor)
  • Clock Speed - 4.194304MHz (4.295454MHz for SGB, max. 8.4MHz for CGB)
  • Work RAM - 8K Byte (32K Byte for CGB)
  • Video RAM - 8K Byte (16K Byte for CGB)
  • Screen Size - 2.6"
  • Resolution - 160x144 (20x18 tiles)
  • Max sprites - Max 40 per screen, 10 per line
  • Sprite sizes - 8x8 or 8x16 pixels
  • Palettes - 1x4 BG, 2x3 OBJ (for CGB: 8x4 BG, 8x3 OBJ)
  • Colors - 4 grayshades (32768 colors for CGB)
  • Horiz Sync - 9198 KHz (9420 KHz for SGB)
  • Vert Sync - 59.73 Hz (61.17 Hz for SGB)
  • Sound - 4 channels with stereo sound
  • Power - DC6V 0.7W (DC3V 0.7W for GB Pocket, DC3V 0.6W for CGB)