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MBC5 (Memory Bank Controller 5) is the 4th generation MBC. There apparently was no MBC4, presumably because of the superstition about the number 4 in Japanese culture. It is the first MBC that is guranteed to work properly with GBC double speed mode. It can map up to 64 Mbits (8 MBytes) of ROM.

0000-3FFF - ROM Bank 00 (Read Only)

Same as for MBC1.

4000-7FFF - ROM Bank 00-1FF (Read Only)

Same as for MBC1, except that accessing up to bank 1E0h is supported now. Also, bank 0 is actually bank 0.

A000-BFFF - RAM Bank 00-0F, if any (Read/Write)

Same as for MBC1, except RAM sizes are 64kbit, 256kbit and 1mbit.

0000-1FFF - RAM Enable (Write Only)

Mostly the same as for MBC1, a value of 0Ah will enable reading and writing to external RAM. A value of 00h will disable it.

2000-2FFF - Low 8 bits of ROM Bank Number (Write Only)

The lower 8 bits of the ROM bank number goes here. Writing 0 will indeed give bank 0 on MBC5, unlike other MBCs.

3000-3FFF - High bit of ROM Bank Number (Write Only)

The 9th bit of the ROM bank number goes here.

4000-5FFF - RAM Bank Number (Write Only)

As for the MBC1s RAM Banking Mode, writing a value in range for 00h-0Fh maps the corresponding external RAM Bank (if any) into memory at A000-BFFF.



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